Venice = Foodie Heaven

I’m going to make an exception in my blogroll to pay due respect to Venice’s incredibile food culture. This post will be served with pictures and pictures only. Bon appetit.

What pizza suits your fancy today, Signora? And how many ways can you say “Mozzarella”?
Look at those pizette mignon in the top left corner!
Now that’s what I call real pizza bread.
Piazza roll with salami, arugula, and mozzarella.
Signature papaya and prosciutto. Super fresh.
Croccante Nocciola – crunchy almond brittle.
Moretti – too bad I never found out whether this is a cake or cookie
Drop-dead gorgeous fruit tarts.
Pastry galore.
Orange meringues.
Not my favourite colours but this icing makes me swoon! Especially the white folds at the base- amazing.
If anything, this city will never run out of cakes.
Finish off with a cup of first class cappuccino and a bite of almond tart.

Mamma Mia, I’m sorry if you hadn’t had enough yet but I’ve got to stop here before I go crazy with sugar cravings- no that would not make the world a better place. If you happen to know the real names of these Italian pastries, do be my guest and correct me! I would definitely reward you with whatever you name, or 5 huge scoops of cyber gelato.

Viva Italia!

Pasta, I love you.

3 thoughts on “Venice = Foodie Heaven

  1. hello. it is i, your italian friend! totally came here to stalk you and your travels in the motherland 🙂 love the food photos! i have, however found something which needs to be corrected…do i get cyber gelato? 😛 anyhoo, croccante nocciola is actually hazelnut, not almond 🙂 but omg pasta with the italian flag on it…amazing…..

    p xxx

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