The Joy of Playa Delfines

“It means no worries, for the rest of your days. It’s our problem-free philosophy.” – Hakuna Matata

Friday 3/21/2014. Afternoon to evening.

From Cancun Airport, we split a “Yellow Transfer” shuttle ride with 3 girls from Kansas and Chicago (holla to “Melissa” girl who borrowed my pen) to reach the same hotel: Emporio Family Suites! Formerly known as the Royal Mayan, this is the best budget hotel ever. Located near the southeast corner of the Hotel Zone, we were right across from Captain Cove Restaurant, a convenience store, and the Museo Maya de Cancun (Maya Museum), not to mention a 10-minute (no traffic) bus ride by R1 or R2 to Cancun’s Party Zone. I later figured that the closer your hotel to the party strip at the northeast corner of the Hotel Zone, the more expensive your hotel. Honestly, the buses/ taxis will take you reliably home past 3am, so I’d trade distance for better hotel deals.

Now that I think about it, it was pretty hilarious how eager we were to get in the water. I missed the first stretch of ocean view our shuttle passed along the Boulevard Kukulkan, much to everyone’s stupid amusement, but I quickly joined their amazement when Playa Delfines came into sight. Remembering it makes me feel warm and mellow with color-rich tugs of withdrawal. Just close your eyes and imagine crystalline waters filtered through several distinct gradients of blue before melding into the softest sands. Now look to your left, to your right, and expand this slice of heaven into a 8 mile (12+ km) long beach. Welcome to our suite.

I was dying to run along the sand and take a dip in the waves. With 3 hours between arrival and check-in, it was obvious what we had to do with our time. Basically, we crammed into the only female washroom and got beach-ready in a ridiculous frenzy. Considering we invaded a tiny 3-cubicle affair in the hotel lobby, we may have scared away anyone else who tried to enter, but who cares? Bags were spilt, straps were re-tied, shades were unfolded. The smell of sunscreen and victory clouded the air (if there was a signature smell for this trip, it was unfortunately sunscreen).

I’ll let pictures do the rest of the talking, because unless you’re there, I can’t think of a better way to express the joy of Playa Delfines.

I have never lived in a house with a backyard, but when I do…
My main and I
Emporio Family Suites: our suite in the center at beach level.
Emporio Family Suites: our suite in the center at beach level.
DJ looking at home at the pool
DJ looking at home at the pool
Dramatic ocean ft. Wen
One of my favorites: Dramatic Ocean ft. lil Wen Yi
Much sun. No eyes. Say cheese.
Much sun, no eyes, and a billion shades of blue & happiness!
Time to go as sun set.
Nobody wanted to turn around to head back even though the sun was setting.
My beautiful friend Jane
My beautiful friend Jane as she hungers for dinner.

If you knew anything about me, I LOVE the sea!! Compared to the Hong Kong beaches I’m used to, Playa Delfines is gloriously less congested and the air tastes less salty for some reason, to match the breathtaking clarity of the waters. Our gut-driven trek along the length of the beach was well worth it.

After adjusting to our new home, it was time for dinner. Dinner tends to be the highlight of my day anyway in whichever continent I find myself, and tonight’s meal blew it out of the water.

Next Post: Best Meal of the Trip complete with food porn @ Taqueria El Poblano, Av. Tulum, Cancun, Quintana Roo

Before the sun went down.
Last picture before I head downtown to take care of important business: eating.

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