Train of Thoughts

Oh, the train stations we passed.

07/07/12 2PM, Stopover at Hoŕovice, Czeska Republika. On train from Praha to Nürnberg.

4:20PM, Fürth im Wald Station. Just crossed border into Germany. Hey, looks like we spent exactly 49 hours in the borders of the Czech Republic.

4:35PM, Cham (Oberpf), Germany.
I can see 2 tall church spires. Passing by endless expanses of colour pencil green fields with lush corn plots so thick and alive under the sun I am forced to believe that the people who live here are enviably prosperous. May just be industrial age thinking, how agricultural harvest = prosperity. Not that I’m sure about it, it just occurred to me, like a Chinese propaganda poster. There are literally blankets of amber grain in various colourful layers, stretching into the distance. The horizon is obscured by a wall of woody forests and behind them dark green mountains. The sky is a peaceful summer blue with puffy unobtrusive clouds. I feel that to stand under the tall trees’ canopies would be the perfect place to inhale some extraordinarily rich oxygen straight from the metabolism of the sun-soaked plants. A couple swans  in the meadow (swans? On a meadow? What was I seeing/ writing?), dotted by plump trees like they would on a Savannah.

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